Weekly drawing for kids
(9+ years )

Unique course in Luxembourg! Even a bit older children can learn to draw with the right side of the brain! When children turn approximately 10 they will have this urge to express themselves in a realistic way. Most of the times, (it was also my case) due to lack of knowledge, they will not manage to produce the desired outcomes and they will stop drawing and creating! 🙁

Therefore,  in this package of 10 sessions in 1 trimester, I would like to give the knowledge for the kids to thrive. They will learn to see all the details, to draw them and they will also  improve their creativity. They will look at the world with a different eye and will receive a big boost in their self confidence in general.

I will also offer advanced classes in the future if required. If you have any questions please contact me.



Weekly drawing sessions for kids (9+ years )